As soon as the baby is born, it makes you feel like you are a mother!

As soon as the baby is born, it makes you feel like you are a mother!

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Aylin Kabasakal, who appeared before us in many series with her bright eyes, is now enjoying her motherhood with her two-month-old son Serhan. We talked to the young actor, who had children at the exact time, about her pregnancy and how difficult she was after the birth.

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Are you used to motherhood?

Thank goodness, both of us are in good health, and most importantly, I think. Like the mother who has every newborn, we have a sleep problem. Other than that, everything is fine.

Was it a conscious pregnancy?

Yes, he was conscious. After marriage, we wanted to take time for each other, wander, dust. After all these things we wanted a baby. Soon after we decided, I found out I was pregnant.

How did you find out?

It was very interesting actually… I suspected and tested for a while, but nothing came out. But there was something unusual about me, I felt different than usual. A week later, I thought about doing a pregnancy test again, but I forgot to take it from the pharmacy. Later, when I was in a shopping center, a mother and baby magazine caught my eye, and the first sentence I noticed was ”Welcome baby!.. Thinking this was a sign, I immediately went to a pharmacy and took a pregnancy test. When I got home my wife was doing sports, so I went to the bathroom and did the test. The result was two lines, but at that moment I could not comprehend anything. I immediately went to my wife and said, "I think you're a father." Then we called the families and informed everyone.

How was the first time?

I went on a tour the night I found out I was pregnant, two days out of town. It was a fast-paced game, so I quit thinking about the days of my pregnancy. In the meantime, I had a film project and I was going to play the lead role. Immediately after returning from the tour, filming began. I had so much sleep because of the early days of my pregnancy that I can't tell. Despite this, I worked 24 hours. That's why I didn't enjoy the first months.

What about later?

After the third month, we had our holiday abroad with my wife and friends. I was very energetic during this period. However, towards the last months there was an inevitability. Despite this, I shot for a television program for TRT until three days before birth. Even the content of the program was processed as my pregnancy. I tried to enjoy my pregnancy. I never sat at home almost any day.

How much weight did you gain?

I gained 15 kilos. Actually, I was aiming at 11, but I just wanted to enjoy it. Still, I was lucky because I just grew up. After birth, it weighed almost 7.8 kilos. I'm guessing the rest of the weight goes up to two months because I'm breastfeeding.

How did you feed and do sports during this period?

I did plenty of hiking. I went for a walk at 12 o'clock in the evening because I finished a box of ice cream with my wife. I tried to keep an eye on what I ate, and if I missed it a bit, I tried to balance it by walking. The interesting thing is that I don't normally have a lot of oranges, but I've always had oranges when I was pregnant. I wanted to eat and drink cold things; Pineapples, cold waters…

Have you been to childbirth preparation courses?

I didn't go, since I'm an actor, I know how to use my diaphragm and breathe. Besides, I never felt like going there.

How did you give birth?

I wanted to give birth normally, but by the 40th week, Serhan's water was very low. They gave him artificial pain for a while, but this put the baby under stress, and his heart beat weakened. So I thought I would not risk any more risk, so I had an epidural caesarean section. Good thing we decided to have a C-section because Serhan had his first poop before he was born. It could be very dangerous if his poop got in his mouth or something. However, I still wonder what it is like to have a normal birth, I'm still inside. I also learned after praying that many prayers were trying to explain exactly what it was. For example, the women who go to birth say, “May God save you av, how important these things really are. May Allah grant everyone who wants to be a parent.

Has your wife gone into labor?

Yeah, he came in and he was very supportive. He is normally a very cold-blooded person, but at one point his eyes are full and he cries. I saw all this in the camera footage of our friends later.

How did you feel when you first saw Serhan?

He was crying when they brought him to me after I was born. I said, “Welcome, Serhan, how are you, Mommy? Ser At that moment Serhan stopped and turned his head and looked at me.

Did you recover quickly after cesarean section?

I had a little problem after coming home. They told me to take off my bandage, but I didn't understand. I thought the bandage would boil the caesarean section. A week later my stitches started bleeding, so I went to the dressing. After a while I recovered.

How's the mothering going?

As soon as the baby is born, it makes you feel that you are a mother. It feels so good to be a mother, all my days go by her. Right now all ann

I look at fathers with great admiration and appreciation. As Serhan is very small, our sleepless days are quite high right now. They say when you're a mother, you know. Once you become a mother, you have to have an endless patience, of course, and make sacrifices too. At first I wondered if he would get used to the lap, but when I consulted my doctor, he said that he wanted too many hugs because he was born and that this would not be a problem for later.

Do you live in puerperium?

I live a little, but I still think I'm doing well. I just can't stand sleepless and I cry.

Are you having problems during breastfeeding?

As soon as Serhan was born, he stuck to the breast, but there was no problem, but 72 hours after birth, the milk was empty and sucked empty. We wondered if he would starve because he sucked empty, but our doctor said there would be nothing to panic about. Now everything is normal, it sucks well. I'm thinking about breastfeeding until she stops sucking, where she goes.

Is your husband used to being a father?

My wife was very surprised at first, "I do not go between you," he said. Since the baby is very dependent on the mother in the early days, the father inevitably stays out a bit.

Who does Serhan look like?

Frankly, I'm not like anyone. He doesn't look like me or his father. I'm just like the head structure to his father. Apart from that, he is a very special baby.

Did you want to have a daughter or a son?

I wanted my wife to be a man. It was for both of us. For example, my wife is very interested in the sons of our friends and plays games with them. Now he's playing with his son.

Do you think about the second child?

I'm actually at the very beginning of everything but I think after some time has passed.

How soon do you think?

In fact, it would be nice if we had another baby in 2015.

Who helps Serhan care?

My mother is with me, and I am glad that she is with me ayd Without her, I would have gone through these periods. And when I start working, my mom will keep looking. We're seeing a couple of caregivers, but after the summer, we can go on with a caregiver who takes care of us.

How did you decide on the name Serhan?

He looks a lot like a friend's son Tarkan, and his name is Serhan. I love Serhan and Tarkan. That's why my name was too hot for my wife and me.

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