Those worried about pregnancy (2)

Those worried about pregnancy (2)

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During pregnancy, expectant mothers are concerned about themselves and their babies. For this reason, they are constantly asking questions. We have published some of these questions with answers in recent weeks. After our interview, we have new questions. We also asked these questions Ferti - Jin Women's Health Center Op. Dr. Murat TaƟdemir'e directed.

: How to calculate the approximate date of birth of someone with irregular periods?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Murat directly It is very difficult to predict when ovulation and fertilization occurs in mothers with irregular periods. The size of the pregnancy and the estimated date of birth are not determined by the last menstrual period but by ultrasonographic measurements.

: When should the first ultrasound be performed?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Murat directly Approximately two weeks after the expected menstrual period, pregnancy is detected ultrasonographically and the baby's development is monitored.

: Does a pregnant wedge harm the baby when using a birth control pill?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Murat directly Pregnancy does not occur when birth control pills are used regularly. Although there are some risks for the baby in this very rare condition, studies have shown that these pregnancies do not result in a higher rate of abnormal birth or miscarriage than other pregnancies. However, as soon as pregnancy is noticed, the contraceptive pill should be discontinued immediately.

: Is it harmful to use a computer while pregnant?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Murat directly No. But you need to pay attention to certain points. When using a computer, it is necessary to sit 40 - 50 cm away to avoid being affected by the rays emitted.

: Is it problematic to feed cats at home during pregnancy?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Murat directly Cats carry a parasite called toxoplasma gondi, which causes toxoplasmosis disease. If this parasite is taken during pregnancy and infection occurs in the baby; It leads to mental retardation, blindness and some other abnormalities. This parasite is transmitted by cat droppings and uncooked meats. People who experience this parasite usually survive the infection without even noticing the infection. It can be prevented by simple measures such as avoiding eating, avoiding mouth and eyes after contact with raw meat, washing vegetables and fruits very well, using gloves when contacting cat droppings.

: Is it OK to apply nail polish on the nails during pregnancy?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Murat directly Formaldehyde is used as a fixative in nail polish chemicals, the absorption of this substance from the nails is not much. However, it is recommended to apply nail polish in a well-ventilated room.

: Can vaccination be performed during pregnancy?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Murat directly All vaccinations should be avoided, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. Live virus vaccines such as measles, rubella and mumps should be avoided from three months before pregnancy and during pregnancy. Dead bacterial vaccines can be administered in outbreaks and when necessary. Pregnant women should be vaccinated in cases of rabies risk or hepatitis risk. Tetanus vaccine is recommended in developing countries.

: As of 28 weeks, some mothers have milk. Is this normal?
Kiss. Dr. Contact Murat directly This is a common condition in pregnancy. Hormones that prepare breasts for breastfeeding may cause milk to be released before birth and milk from the breasts. This can only happen during sexual intercourse first. Liquid white color and clean looking. Bloody and dark currents should be evaluated immediately. Pregnant women who have breast milk before birth should not express this milk. Because this procedure may cause premature labor.

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