Watch out for gum diseases during pregnancy!

Watch out for gum diseases during pregnancy!

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Sex hormones, which are the most affecting hormones in the teeth and surrounding tissues, affect oral health in different periods of life. During the pregnancy, which is one of these periods, hormones such as estrogen and progesterone, which are of great importance in the continuation of pregnancy, increase significantly in the body. Periodontologist Burak Ak, in this period of hormonal balance changes to protect the health of the gums are transferring suggestions.

Hormones such as estrogen and progesterone started to increase in 2 months of pregnancy and increased to the highest level in 8 months. Ak pointed out pregnancy gingivitis and pregnancy tumor in this period when all the hormonal balance changes: de In pregnant women, the formation of swollen gums can easily be seen due to plaque formation in the tissues surrounding the teeth and teeth. This is called 'pregnancy gingivitis'. In pregnancy gingivitis, the amount of inflammation in the gums and prostaglandin formation increase. These elevated levels may increase the risk of preterm birth. In addition, gingival enlargements, sometimes called pregnancy tumors, may occur during pregnancy. These types of tumors are usually benign and can be removed with a simple operation after pregnancy. ”

If such complaints are seen during pregnancy, once a month to go to the gum disease specialist emphasizing Dr. Burak Ak said, “It is possible to get rid of complaints and experience a comfortable pregnancy with dental calculus cleaning. As with all dental procedures during pregnancy, interventions related to the gums should be done between 4-6 months of pregnancy and in dialogue with the gynecologist of the patient. ”

Dr. Ak also points out the points to be considered during pregnancy:

• Consult your dentist for a check before pregnancy is considered.
• At least twice a day, the teeth should be brushed for a sufficient time with a paste containing fluoride.
• Flosses should be cleaned at least once a day with floss and this cleaning should be supported by mouthwashes containing fluoride.
• The amount of carbohydrate and acidic beverages should be regulated in nutrition.
• After vomiting attacks, rinse mouth with plenty of water.
• Before pregnancy and during pregnancy, the dentist should be checked at 3-month intervals. If necessary, dental calculus cleaning and plaque check should be performed.
• In cases where a pregnancy tumor is present, if there is no aesthetic concern and problems during chewing, surgery should be postponed until after pregnancy.

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