Pregnancy risks

Pregnancy risks

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become conscious about the problems seen during pregnancy, the mother and
her baby's health can reach better levels. Prevention in this
in advance, you should not neglect your doctor's checks.

Risky Conditions in Pregnancy

Pregnancy before or after 35 years of age

miscarriage or preterm labor in previous pregnancy

Pregnant women undergoing surgery


During Pregnancy


risks; environmental factors other than physical biological and hereditary factors
may also experience ups and downs.

In life you have to be exposed to various substances sperm and eggs
negative effects were determined.

This exterior
factors, such as the individual's own habits, daily
may also be the substances he encounters in his life.

The individual,
the research is inconclusive in some couples while investigating the possibility of non-conception.
This condition is called ayan Unexplained Infertility.. Unexplained infertility, cases
assessment of the person's work life, habits and social environment
assessing the risk factor during pregnancy to couples
Suggestions are made for.

Other to Risk Pregnancy

Smoke; delayed pregnancy in pregnant women and the success rate of in vitro fertilization
It decreases. In men, it reduces the ability to fertilize.

menstrual irregularity in women, conception
prolongation of the period and increase the risk of miscarriage. Consuming too much alcohol
in men, it causes crushing in the testicles.

marriage; is very common in our country. Especially first-degree relatives
risk of childbearing with anomalies in the general population

substance use; expectant mother of abnormal conditions during pregnancy

work; the possibility of abnormal conditions
does not increase. However, expectant mothers living in multiple
need to be careful.

Mother and
the profession of the father-to-be may also turn into a risk factor. Radiation and chemical
mother and father working in occupations exposed to substances
pregnancy, pregnancy and abnormal conditions during pregnancy
may occur.

Mother and
As the education level of the prospective father increases, it is likely that it will occur during pregnancy.
the risk of abnormal situations will be reduced. Early mother and father
In order to become conscious, he / she should consult a doctor in the early period.

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