Treatment of cough in pregnancy

Treatment of cough in pregnancy

How much attention to expectant mothers
may cough during pregnancy. This situation sometimes gets cold
cold, sometimes allergic factors. cough
Influenza and influenza are the leading factors. coughing
causing the expectant mother to worry about the baby, especially if the cough is severe.
can. However, severe cough does not harm the baby. Because the uterus
The water in it protects the baby. Like coughing and sneezing during pregnancy
In the event of strong shocks, the baby is safely protected in the womb. Pregnancy
cough and sneezing because swelling and tension is more
during pressure; causes mother pain. In this case
is quite natural.

Pregnant mother during pregnancy
drug should not use. Taking medicine during pregnancy is quite
It is harmful. However in severe cases a treatment under the supervision of a doctor
It should be monitored. Pre-pregnancy medication used by the expectant mother
quite inconvenient. Because some of the ingredients in the medicine
adversely affect. For this reason, the mother's own doctor under the control of
it is best to move.

Cough in severe cases, at home
can be mitigated by simple methods. Moderate and mild severe
natural treatment methods to improve your priority in cases of cough
should be. If there is a cough with a cold
should consume and rest. Also add honey and lemon to warm water on an empty stomach throat drink
pathways. It is also warm 2 times a day
Gargling with salt water can also relax your throat. Suck throat lozenge
will be good for your throat.

If you want to help cough cure with herbal teas; linden, ginger, into the boiled water
freshly after brewing putting a peeled piece of apple
You can consume. According to your desire, some tea or honey with lemon
You can fold. This mixture will soften and relax your throat. But
Drinking too hot drinks is also harmful for the throat. Therefore
drinks should not consume boiling.

Another method is ginger
powder and honey to the paste
or to consume full. In this mixture your throat is pretty good
It is the future. However, if there is no benefit from the natural methods and cough over 1 week and
It is best to consult your doctor if you have similar complaints.