15 Questions and Answers Concerned by Mothers

15 Questions and Answers Concerned by Mothers

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Kaç How much weight should be gained during pregnancy? ”
“Can pregnant women wear contact lenses, mobile phones?”
“Will tight clothes harm my baby?”

These are hormonal in a woman's life, physical and the most curious issues about pregnancy, the most frequent period of psychological changes.Memorial Antalya Hospital Head of Gynecology and Obstetrics Assoc. Dr. View Gürkan's Full ProfileShe answered the 15 most frequently asked questions during pregnancy and advised mothers.

1- How much weight should I gain each month during my pregnancy?

During pregnancy your body weight will increase between 9-13 kg. your pregnancy In the first 3 months you can get 0-3 kg. From the first 3 months, your body weight should increase by 1-1.5 kg per month.

2- Is sexual intercourse in pregnancy inconvenient? What should be the frequency and position?

If your previous pregnancies are not aborted and preterm birth, sexual intercourse is not restricted. Pregnancy-related complaints in the first months, and in recent months due to abdominal enlargement, sexual desire may be reduced. Between the 3rd and 6th months, due to the increase in hormone level, increased blood flow in the genital area, and lack of anxiety for conception; increased sexual desire. In the last weeks, non-abdominal positions should be preferred

3- Nausea and vomiting bothers me very much, how can I get rid of it?

This is for you stress source and affect your life negatively:

- You can try to eat more often by reducing your meals.
- Before getting out of bed in the morning you can eat a few salty biscuits, dry foods such as chickpeas.
- You should take plenty of fluids, especially if you are losing fluid by vomiting.
- To avoid constipation, consider the following recommendations: You should drink 6-8 glasses of water per day.
- You should eat pulp.
- You should increase your daily activity and exercise regularly every day.

4- My ankles swell especially in hot weather. Is this a sign of danger?

With the effect of hormones, water and salt retention in the body, excessive standing or sitting in situations such as swelling of the ankles and legs is considered normal. To reduce the discomfort, raise your legs high, reduce salt in your meals, and wear comfortable shoes and slippers. If the swelling disturbs you, you can wear corset stockings.

5- When everyone wants fruit and vegetables I smoke and drink alcohol, will this harm my baby?

During pregnancy, especially after 4 months cigaret The harm of drinking has been documented. Negative conditions caused by smoking include; miscarriage, infant death, preterm birth, low birth weight infant birth. On the other hand, the alcohol used in pregnancy passes into the circulation in your baby, mental retardation, developmental disorders, facial anomalies, stillbirth It has been shown to cause a number of problems. Therefore, you should not use alcohol during pregnancy.

6- Will there be any differences in my pregnancy, daily personal care (dental care, bathing, etc.)?

During your pregnancy hormonal changes can cause inflammation in your gums and vomiting can cause decay in your teeth. To avoid all these problems, you should first brush your teeth effectively twice a day. Pregnancy Due to increased sweating and rips, it can cause you discomfort. Bathing every day soothes and relaxes you. There is no limit to bathing during pregnancy and washing in a tub full of water. Because water doesn't get into the vagina. However, instead of lying in the bathtub or sitting, you should choose to take a bath in the form of standing shower. This way, you can protect the delivery route from infection. As a precaution, it is recommended that you leave care applications such as hair dyeing and perming treatment after birth.

7- I love to travel, do you mind?

You should avoid long journeys during pregnancy. For journeys by car, you must take a 15-20 minute break every 2 hours to ensure circulation in your legs. In previous pregnancies, women who had miscarriages should not travel in the first 3 months, and pregnancies terminated with preterm birth should not travel in the last 3 months. If you do not have a history of preterm birth, miscarriage, it is okay to travel by plane. However, as a precaution, you should not board after 34 weeks.

8- I feel tired and tired quickly. What should I do?

Nausea, vomiting, anemia, weight gain in recent months and a tendency to intoxication of pregnancy; quick fatigue and fatigue. For this, you should exercise regularly during pregnancy, you should rest every day for a while, take care of your nutrition, increase your sleep time, avoid excessive weight gain.

9- My leg is painful, my legs cramps at night. How can I get rid of it?

Cramps may occur due to increased phosphorus in the body, decreased calcium, increased head pressure between the baby's bones and hip bones due to pregnancy. Causes like cramping in the legs can be caused by stagnant or in inappropriate positions for a long time, standing for a long time, walking a lot, overloading the legs, not consuming enough foods such as milk-yogurt-cheese. In this case, you should consume more milk and milk products, stay in the sun for a sufficient period of time, you should massage your leg when cramps.

10- I want to wear contact lenses, is it okay if I'm pregnant?

It can be abruptly uncomfortable with pregnancy, which causes no problems before pregnancy. This may be due to a change in the curvature of the cornea affected by hormonal changes during pregnancy. In such cases, an eye examination should be performed immediately. Mostly, eye drops are not used in this type of eye examination, but if it is necessary, eye drops have not been shown to adversely affect pregnancy. However, information should be given about the eye drops that the pregnant woman will use. Safety-tested drops can be used and, if possible, pupil-enlarging drops should be avoided during pregnancy.

11- Does my mobile phone affect my baby?

Mobile phones have taken place in the market for more than 10 years, yet adverse effects on pregnancy has not yet been reported. Mobile phones operate with radio frequencies and no additional warnings have been raised. Although high frequencies are preferred for good sound quality, their absorption in the body remains below the acceptable amounts. Older telephones and old car telephony systems operate at higher frequencies, but no negative data has been reported. There is no mention of an increased risk for those living in areas with cell phone transmitters.
However, it is still recommended that the relations with the mobile phone be adjusted well, as far away from the heart and abdomen as possible, and that the talk time is well adjusted.

12- Will working with computers and watching television harm my baby?

Computers emit radio frequency, and we're actually in a field like this. However, at high doses it can act as a microwave oven; these high doses are found in radar and radio stations. As for computer monitors, they also emit non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation and are harmless. Many studies have shown that both computers and monitors are harmless. Just working with the computer for a long time can be annoying. In this context, watching television is also harmless, and the beam energy is already lost in the distance of watching television and no effect is expected.

13- Are the baths, baths and swimming pools inconvenient?

Water does not enter the reservoir during pregnancy and therefore there is no problem entering the bathtub, bath and pool. However, pregnant women are especially advised to be more careful in such areas against falling and impacting. And also; they have to pay more attention to the hygiene of the environment due to their susceptibility to some infections. Swimming is one of the best sports that pregnant women can do pool and sea baths can be useful. However, the danger of cramping and choking must always be borne in mind.

14- I like to wear tight clothes, will this harm my baby?

Especially the blood flow above the lower part of the body is under pressure, causing the growing uterus of pregnancy to slow down, and with each passing month, the uterus grows further, which increases the deceleration of the flow and the stagnation of the vessels. Tight stockings and tights that do not cover the abdomen and do not put pressure on the uterus can be worn. Bras should not be hanging.

15- Do I have to have a CT scan, is the radiation and X-ray harmful for my baby?

Ray or light energy is known as radiation, but those that are harmful to biological matter are called “ionizing radiation, ki which in fact is known as radiation damage in the common language. Ionizing radiation affects cells proliferating more easily and is therefore expected to be more harmful in pregnancy. However, there are certain periods in pregnancy that effects on the baby varies. In the early stages, it gives large and various damages, while in the growth period it gives more targeted damages in the form of deviation of growth. At doses of 4 rad or more, caution should be exercised and the possibility of pregnancy questioned. If the patient is pregnant and is likely to receive radiation such as film shooting and tomography, necessary precautions such as lead protection should be taken and the dose to be given to the baby should be calculated and minimized. X-ray devices used in high-security areas, such as airports, are very well insulated and do not emit damaging radiation. It has been suggested that no radiation effect is observed even in long-term employees in this area. Therefore, there is no need to worry.

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