Traditional February Sale! February 9-15, 2019

Traditional February Sale! February 9-15, 2019

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ebebek is already a week behind in February discounts bilmek It is very important to know in advance and to make planning in order to take advantage of the 28% discount opportunity which is valid for different products every day. Let us examine together the 9-15 February discounts we have compiled for you.

February 9

The 28% discount for Mamas & Papas and Breastfeeding products is 9 February 2019.

ebebek expresses the importance and support she gives to breastfeeding “1 drop more…” “One drop, one thousand benefits! slogan and she takes part in projects to support breastfeeding…

It also reflects its support for breastfeeding on February 9th and offers a 28% discount on all breastfeeding products. An opportunity for all breastfeeding mothers to benefit from!

Breastfeeding support available at ebebek You can click to review all products: //www.e- / breastfeeding

Another Saturday discount is 28% off on Mamas & Papas products! Mamas & Papas products are loved with their quality and stylish designs tasarım In the products that will be fixtures such as tools and equipment, discounts of 28% are of great importance.

Long story short in ebebek on February 9:

February 10

Hold on… We explain!

February 10 at ebebek! All Kraft products and wet wipes have a 28% discount. Wet wipes are the necessities of every house, especially one of the biggest needs of a baby house… it is possible to find wet wipes for every purse in ebebek stores and on the website. Click here to review all wet wipes in advance: //www.e- / baby-wet-wipes-c3753 /

Opportunities in wet wipes whisper yap Stock…, don't you think?

Not only in Wet Wipes, but also in Kraft products will delight those in need during Sunday 10 February…

Did you know that Kraft has many tools like baby stroller, parking bed, car seat, kangaroo, swing, high chair and also has breast pump, milk storage bag?

February 11

Days from Monday, dates from 11.02.2019

Day on Nuna and Motorola…

If you say, Motorola Which Motorola products are available on ebebek?,, Let's leave a link to find out now: //www.e- / motorola-b2499 /

You can find many Motorola products like digital baby monitor, baby camera, ionizer steam blower on ebebek!

In the meantime, discounts are available in stores as well as on the Internet geçerli

You can benefit from discounts by visiting the nearest store.

Those who know Nuna products know çok Nuna has very stylish designs and functions that make life easier for parents. If you've been waiting for a while to get your favorite lap, park bed or car seat ... You know the right time now.

Start discovering Nuna products here: //www.e- / nuna-b1409 /

Nina products sold in Turkey Did you know that the only ebebek?

February 12

Baby Jem and Chicco products will have a 28% discount on Tuesday 12 February, what do you think about making a list of needs in advance?

Baby Jem products are available in many product groups, from equipment accessories to safety at home, from bath feeding.

Let's say multi-purpose lock, you say highchair cushion ... Rainy days for your baby with the baby carriage is thought to travel to the reflux pillow, bath sponge teether gloves! There are many products of Baby Jem brand…

When examining these products, people think “There are good brands that think of my needs better than me var”.

Click here for a quick review of Baby Jem products //www.e- / babyjem-b459 /

Another great deal of February 12 is at Chicco!

Chicco products will have a 28% discount for 24 hours ne What is possible to classify Chicco products into one category! Chicco has successful products in categories such as tools, breastfeeding and nutrition Chic

Feeding bottles, pacifiers, baby carriages, kangaroos, car seats, breast cleaning wipes, mother's cribs… All and more in this link: //www.e- / chicco

Take advantage of deals and discounts ler

February 13

What is a must for baby products?

Baby care products, indispensable products of course… The discount in these products, which are needed in every baby's care, is of course also as important tabii

On February 13th there is a 28% discount on all baby care products!

ebebek has baby care products from many different domestic and imported brands. -c4012 /

Even when you talk about baby care products, you smell like a baby, don't you?  

On February 11, there will be a 28% discount on all baby care products as well as the baby me change-over cover alt The fluffy and thin change-over covers are very practical!

February 14th

We came to Valentine's Day February 14 gün

The discount on steam machines that will give your baby a breath of comfort and Lansinoh products, which are known for their breastfeeding period products, are available on 14.02.2019.

If you're wondering, “What do steam engines do?,, You can be enlightened by reading this article: // www. / Steam-machine-what-is-benefit /

Lansinoh products are beautiful products designed to prevent breastfeeding and make breastfeeding easier!

Click to discover Lansinoh products: //www.e- / lansinoh-b812 /

February 15

ebebek Half of the traditional February discount is already behind… But don't worry there's one more than that. Let's come to February 15

Promalt, Vitamom's, Fuska Su products, as well as discounts Nuk and Wee products will be discounted throughout the day!

Promalt and Vitamom's nursing mothers, breastfeeding products that enter their lives during breastfeeding…… The right water for your baby bilinen known as Fuska Su :

  • İTQİ - Superior Flavor Award was deemed worthy of flavor certificate compared to 2017.
  • With low sodium content, T.C. Approved by the Ministry of Health.

In addition to Fuska Su, Promalt and Vitamom's discounts, Nuk and Wee products will be discounted on Friday, February 15th.

If you would like to review Nuk products sold at ebebek, click here: //www.e- / nuk-b255 /

Discovering Wee products is as practical as clicking this link: //www.e- / wee-baby-b3021 /

Next week we will be with you with the 3rd week of the traditional campaign! If you find it useful, don't forget to share it with your friends, okay?


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