Does Depression Prevent Pregnancy?

Does Depression Prevent Pregnancy?

We all have ups and downs in our lives and some elements that can create stress. However, being able to cope with these negative situations not only results in overcoming that problem, but also affects our health less negatively.

Because the lack of stress management can lead to depression over time. Depression, on the other hand, is psychological as well as physically. adversely affect quality of life is a case.

Have you ever thought about what effects stress can have on getting pregnant? Then learn the effects of depression on women's health and Does depression prevent pregnancy Read on to find out the answer!

Effects of Depression on Female Reproductive Health

The most important thing that plays a role in the reproductive system of women is hormones. Women's menstrual cycles it occurs when certain hormones rise and fall in certain periods.

Changes in these hormone levels also affect the psychology of women. On the contrary, psychological state of the woman effect.

These effects are generally seen in the following ways;

  • Some women have symptoms that start one or two weeks before menstruation.

Bloating, headache, irritability and pessimism some of these effects.

In people with depression, these symptoms may be more severe. Research premenstrual syndrome This term, called PMS, which is called as PMS, shows that most women suffering from severe menstrual syndrome have psychological problems such as depression.

  • Premenstrual dysphoric disorder is essentially the more severe version of PMS and occurs in every menstrual cycle. irritability and depression it is at a higher level. In addition, this condition, which may cause symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue and sleep disorder, is more common in women with depression due to differences in reproductive hormone levels.
  • According to researches, women suffering from depression Irregular period it was found that the probability of survival was higher. This affects women physically as well as physically, and may cause them to have more difficult children.

Too much focus on getting pregnant makes it harder!

Most women who stop protection after deciding to have a baby think that they can get pregnant immediately.

Follows the day of ovulation, intervenes as often as necessary and does everything to be done. However, when the menstrual date approaches, each test shows negative results and is frustrated. Nerede Where are we doing wrong? ” he questions.

In fact, there is nothing wrong done. Only the mother-to-be unprotected with the fact that it can find a year.

The woman who plans to become pregnant starts to spend most of her day thinking about it. It counts the days to get into the relationship, and most of the time it starts just for child purposes. Then the same cycle, pregnancy test and negative result yine

In fact, in this case, women, something normal “I wonder if we have a problem?” he starts to make a problem thinking. This in turn leads to stress and brings with it many other problems.

  • Continuous thinking about the baby can cause stress in the woman, creating an imbalance in hormone levels, which may prevent healthy ovulation. Because stress, hypothalamus called and spawning hormones that are managed in the same center.
  • Just focusing on the day of ovulation can lead to missed main days. Because women's ovulation days vary. For this reason, it is useful to leave the work flow and not to miss the other days.
  • Sharing your pregnancy plans with everyone may lead you to questions like “So, isn't there something this month?. People can unintentionally put pressure on you to increase your stress level. For this reason, many couples share their protection with only their closest relatives.
Having sexual intercourse, is an action to get pleasure. But when the goal is to get pregnant, this pleasure can turn into a task. This is the couples reluctance, Most of the time, doctors do not want to get into the relationship and stress can cause negative effects on the psychology and hormones.
  • Hearing about having children worry can reduce sexual desire. It can push a person to malnutrition and weaken the immune system, making it easier to become sick.

What to do to reduce stress and make it easier to get pregnant?

Managing stress, which is one of the main causes of many diseases, is very important in terms of improving the quality of life.

If you're stressing pregnancy or struggling with a problem like depression, there are a few tips you can use to get rid of it:

  • Exercise protects your physical health your mental health will also be good. So if you have a stressful structure and want a baby, it's time to add some movement to your life! Exercise, which you will do on average 3 times a week and make a habit, can purify you from negative thoughts by making you a happier person.
  • The effects of yoga and meditation on human psychology are undeniable. You can get rid of the negative thoughts in your mind by doing yoga and meditation, and get rid of the negative effects of things that are not going well in your life.
  • Balanced and healthy nutrition, it is important for your mental health as well as your physical health.

Research; omega-3 level people with low levels of depression. Except this B12, B6, cholesterol, selenium, zinc, iron, magnesium or vitamin D It has been found that the probability of depression is also higher in people who have deficiency.

Therefore, a varied and healthy diet is a very effective method to prevent or solve depression.

  • If you are struggling with depression on your own, try getting help from an expert. Otherwise, the situation may go further and cause more harm to you. If you are taking medication and plan to conceive during this process, you should share it with your doctor. Your doctor will adjust the dose or medication according to your situation.

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In this article, we sought answers to a question that many women wonder; "Does depression prevent pregnancy? ". In the light of this information, we can say that stress and depression have a direct effect on reproductive health of women.

Therefore, you should avoid these problems by trying to reduce your sources of stress, not to become obsessed with the issue of conception, and if you have any psychological illness, you should get help from a specialist in your field.

When you feel good, everything will be better, you will have your little baby.