How Much Do You Know About Your Baby's Nutrition? (2nd)

How Much Do You Know About Your Baby's Nutrition? (2nd)

You all know that breastmilk is the ideal food for your baby. Can you tell us about the benefits of breast milk for your baby?

It helps the baby's mental, physical and intelligence development. Growth factors, organ and tissue maturation.All of them all!

What does the 3-day rule mean in baby nutrition?

Try increasing the tiny portions of the same food for 3 days. 3 times the portions of the day. Trying 3 different foods on the same day…

So you trust yourself leyse So check the wrong option.

Newborns lose about 7% weight in the first week. The stomach of the babies is as much as their fists. Salts and sugar are given to babies after the 6th month.

What does BLW mean in infant feeding?

It means feeding under the leadership of the baby. I guess I have no idea.

What problems arise if supplementary food is started early?

AllergiesInadequate intake of calcium and ironProductions all! All!

Which stylish is right for you?

"No matter what you eat, no matter how you eat it!" "That plate will end!" "If you don't eat this food, you will eat slippers!"

What are the nutrients that strengthen the immune system of babies?

Long live breast milk! Yogurt yogurt! Omega 3 source ceviizz! E strengthens all of your subjectiiiii.

Do you know the nutrients that will cause iron deficiency and anemia if given to babies before 1 year old?

Cow milkPekmezOatTarhana soup

What should be the ANA meal of your baby in the 7th month?

BreadMother milk is not necessarily breast milk… If you can not get breast milk for a variety of reasons, formula formula. (2) Super Mom You're Out!

Congratulations super mom! You're very knowledgeable about feeding your baby. Do you want to add information to your knowledge? If so, check out the following articles: You may need to improve yourself about your baby's nutrition. Don't worry, these articles will guide you!

You need to improve yourself about your baby's nutrition. Don't worry, thanks to this test you have seen and learned your mistakes. Click on the links below to learn about your baby's nutrition!

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