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Contribution of Step-by-Step Training Sets to Child Development

Contribution of Step-by-Step Training Sets to Child Development

children 80% of brain development The period between 0-3 years of age is a very important period in child development.

Step-by-step development kits for children aged 9-48 months and their parents, to help families in this most important period in which children's lives are shaped, to contribute to the fun and healthy development of their children and to gain the habit of reading specialized pedagogues and psychologists Prepared by.

Step by Step sets, It is a guiding guide prepared to support families' child-raising adventure. “Activity book.” The activities included in the book are mental development, language development, motor development and emotional-social development support activities.

It is also stated which development stage each activity supports, its purpose and recommendations and instructions for parents. In short, the activity book guides you parents so that your child can achieve a highly informed development.

What are the Benefits of Step-by-Step on Child Development?

Step by Step sets specially prepared for your child's month;

  • Communication with you is strengthened,
  • Increases self-confidence,
  • A sense of belonging and perception of order are formed,
  • Reinforces the love of books,
  • Supports socialization,
  • Accelerates the development of language and intelligence,
  • Facilitates school adaptation
  • Ensures that four basic developments are ahead of their peers,
  • Facilitates preparation for life.

By using the activities in the set efficiently, you will observe the difference in your child's development over time, and you will be able to share his happiness.

There is also a development chart in the book, where you can keep track of what your child can do in the four main stages of development.

In the set, you can find all the necessary equipment for the activities. In short, everything you need is covered in a set.

What is waiting for you in your future sets every month?

  • Book for your child's month (you will be able to do activities with your child with this book which includes motor, emotional-social, language and mental development activities)
  • All materials required for activities
  • Monthly development table
  • Children's books for your child to gain love of reading
  • Songs Step by Step
  • Fruit article of the month prepared by Başkent University Dietetics Department academicians introducing fruits and containing special recipes
  • There are guide articles for parents.

Remember, it is very important that you share this experience with your child rather than complete the activities. your children supporting self-confidence and communication skills these activities add value to the time families spend with their children, while at the same time The bond of love is the power of the game with.

Your child's easy, repeated activities that his sense of success It will strengthen. Keep in mind that each child's development is unique, and he will now be able to perform an activity that he is struggling with as he grows.

Join the Step-by-Step family, invest in your child's future, and lay the foundations for lifelong learning!

An Example from Step-by-Step Training Set;

Developmental Table in Infants

(What can your baby do this month?)

Mental Development in Infants

Skills such as memory, perception, attention and concentration to form the building blocks of learning in the coming years
  • Can complete the 2-3-piece puzzle.
  • Prepositions of place and direction begin to diversify. For example, altında Under the table, in the closet. ”
  • Contrary concepts continue to evolve. For example, nerede Where is the empty basket? ”. Nerede Where is the full basket? ”
  • He begins to make simple classifications according to the functions and colors of the objects. For example, nerede Where are the objects we eat and wear? ”
  • The tower made of several cubes can simulate a simple model like a train.

Can make simple rankings. For example; "Banana-apple-banana-apple. What should come after the apple?

Language Development in Infants

Understanding, speaking and communication skills
  • The vocabulary ranges from 50-70.
  • Name simple activities. For example “Run cat, drink baby.”
  • He begins to express himself better; he wants to tell more about the events he experienced during the day.
  • He uses pronouns such as, me, you sa even though he occasionally confuses.
  • He starts to say expressions stating property, even if he does not use his jewelry. For example, he answers the question kimin Whose is this? ”As“ brother book “.
  • It can easily follow simple two-step instructions. For example, git Go to the bathroom, take the comb. ”

Motor Development in Infants

Movement and hand-eye coordination skills
  • Can walk more balanced. (Like adults, from heel to fingers)
  • He can jump on his two feet.
  • If supported, it can stand on one leg.
  • He can throw the ball over his head.
  • He can brush his teeth with help.
  • It can translate book pages, even 2-by-3.
  • Since manual skills (fine motor skills) are developing, they may occasionally shed or break objects around them.
  • Straight line, horizontal line and circle can simulate your drawing.

Emotional-Social Development

Emotion awareness, coping with difficult emotions, self-confidence, individualization and problem solving skills in social relations
  • It can handle short-term breaks better and play on its own.
  • He enjoys playing games with his friends, but mutual sharing has not yet fully developed. It may be difficult to give a friend a piece of his / her own stuff.
  • Reacts to the limits set by adults. He uses the word 'no' more often. This is a sign that the independence process has begun.
  • You can choose from two options. For example, “Do you want to eat bananas or apples? Örneğin
  • He enjoys working in simple household chores.
  • Breaking her daily routine may make her uneasy.
  • You may be quickly disappointed in the face of a hassle you encounter during the game.

It is prepared to give an idea about the average development status according to months. Your child may be ahead of some stages of development, or it may not have reached the stage shown on some issues.

In both cases, your activities will be supported and your child's development will be supported.

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