What Causes Infertility in Men? What is the treatment?

What Causes Infertility in Men? What is the treatment?

The dream of many couples is to have children when the right time comes and start a family. However, sometimes you may not realize this dream no matter how much you try. When it comes to not having children, people first come to the mind that there is a problem with women. However, the situation is not at all considered. Some researches infertility in men ratio, at least as high as women. This means that when it comes to not having children, the arrows need to be turned not directly to women but also to men. So what causes infertility in men, infertility treatment methods in men, let's look together.

When can male infertility be mentioned?

Many people expect to conceive for the month when they stop protecting and do everything literally. However, in order to talk about infertility in women or men, especially in couples where the woman is less than 35 years old Pregnancy should not be achieved as a result of regular intercourse for 1 year.

If pregnancy has not occurred during this period, it is important to think that at least one of the couples may have a health problem. In such a case, it should be determined whether there are any problems by performing some examinations in both men and women.

What are the causes of infertility in men?

There are many different causes of infertility in men. Sometimes congenital abnormalities can be the cause of infertility, as well as genetic problems, inflammatory diseases, or previous surgical procedures that can cause infertility in the male and may be reproduced. Then male infertility causes What are, let's examine in more detail:

  • Sperm Production Disorders

It is one of the most common problems causing infertility in men. Male life style, nutrition, use of harmful substances such as alcohol and cigarettes or drugs used directly affect sperm production. In addition, treatments such as chromosomal or genetic problems, hormonal disorders or chemotherapy may impair sperm production. Occasionally, a number of illnesses, such as childhood illnesses or kidney failure, may also adversely affect sperm production.

Sperm number, morphology, DNA damage Factors such as whether it can create obstacles to pregnancy. You can review our article. Click on the link below. // www. / Non-male sperm-of-the-azoserm baby-would-do /
  • Undescended Testis

Undescended testes usually occur during fetal development, where one or two of the testes are in the scrotum, ie where the testes are not where they should normally be, but higher or in the abdomen. This may cause testicular cancer in the future as well as infertility in men.

  • Hormonal Disorders

The formation of sperm in men, just like in women is caused by hormones. Sperm formation FSH, LH, testosterone and estrogen hormones any failure in the production of any one can disrupt sperm production. Especially estrogen and testosterone hormones between the balance of sperm, by reducing the quality of sperm can make it difficult to get pregnant, as well as infertility.

  • Anti-sperm Antibodies

Diagnosed with infertility up to 12% of men with anti-sperm antibodies It is encountered. Antibodies are protein molecules that bind to sperm.

When connected to sperm, they affect their activity negatively. This is sperm quality, motility and the number of live sperm decreasestherefore, it can cause infertility in men.
  • Tumors

Cancers can cause infertility by adversely affecting the male reproductive organ or the pituitary gland where hormones are involved in the reproduction. In some cases, radiation, surgery or chemotherapy may be required for treatment. Can men without sperm be a father? You can watch our video.

  • Chromosome Disorders

Chromosome disorders that occur during fertilization are also the cause of infertility. Normally, during fertilization, an X chromosome comes from the mother and an X chromosome from the father. If X comes from the boy, the baby will be born as XX, and if Y comes, the baby will be born as XY. However, sometimes a problem occurs and a combination such as XXY can occur.

This gender disorder called Klinefelter syndrome is one of the genetic causes of male infertility. also cystic fibrosis and Kallmann Genetic diseases such as can cause infertility in men.
  • Previous operations

Previous operations such as inguinal hernia or prostate surgery may adversely affect the reproductive health of men.

  • Celiac Disease

Some studies have shown that celiac disease may cause reproductive disorders in men. However, the number of studies on this subject is quite low. Nevertheless, the morphology of the males with sperm morphology improved after applying the celiac diet.

  • Infections

Gonorrhea, tuberculosis and a number of bacterial infections can lead to obstruction of the reproductive tract, leading to male infertility. These infections can negatively affect the motility of the sperm. Also transmitted by sexual contact chlamydia, mycoplasma and ureoplasma infections can also cause sperm infertility.

  • Varicocele

It is a condition found in almost half of men suffering from infertility. Scrotum This disease, which is defined as varicose veins located around the ovary bag, is not easily noticed because it usually does not cause any complaints. Expanding vessels cause an increase in heat in the testes and affect sperm production negatively. In addition, the decrease in the amount of oxygen in the blood accumulated in the expanding vessels negative sperm production It affects.

  • Drug Use

Use of drugs such as chemotherapy drugs, some antifungal drugs, stomach drugs and some depression drugs used in cancer treatment Negative sperm quality and production It can affect. In addition, occupational exposure to drugs may adversely affect reproduction. Pesticides, pesticides or materials used in the battery and battery industry may also have a negative effect on sperm.

  • Being Warm

Working in a warm environment, especially due to occupation, can cause reproductive problems in men. It is more likely to occur in people working in hot production centers of furnaces, baths or factories. In addition to this, taking a shower with excessive hot water, going to the baths often or wearing tight clothes to keep the testicles warm are among the causes of male infertility.

  • Sexual Intercourse Problems

In some cases, even if there is not a problem in sperm production, premature ejaculation, not having an erection, painful intercourse or urethral opening due to anatomical problems may not have a baby boy.

  • Ejaculation Problems

Sometimes semen, which must go out during orgasm in men, can escape into the bladder. This problem, also called dry orgasm, is called retrograde ejaculation. male infertility may be the reason.

  • Life style

Unhealthy lifestyles such as stressful life, depression, obesity, smoking or alcohol use may also adversely affect the reproductive health of men and cause of infertility may is.

What is Infertility Treatment in Men?

Treatment of male infertility In order to determine the method, first of all, a medical examination should be performed by the doctor and medical history should be listened and semen analysis should be done. Depends on the situation hormone test, genetic tests, testicular biopsy, transrectal ultrasound or scrotal ultrasound detailed tests may be requested. According to the results of these tests, necessary treatment procedures are applied.

  • If problems such as varicocele or sperm duct obstruction, which are the most common causes of male infertility, have been identified, these problems can be resolved by surgery.
  • If there is no sperm in the male, micro TESE can be used to obtain tissue from the testicles.
  • Pregnancy can be achieved by microinjection method if the sperm count or motile sperm count is low.
  • If an infection is detected, the person can be treated with antibiotic drugs, and if the infection has not progressed too much, they can have children.
  • Reproductive function can be restored by hormone medication or hormone replacement therapy given by the doctor if imbalances are observed in the hormone tests.
  • If sexual dysfunction is involved, this disorder can be remedied by psychological treatment or medication with the guidance of a doctor.
  • Sometimes the reason for failure of pregnancy may be due to DNA damage in a large proportion of male sperm. It is thought that it is important to determine whether couples who want to do IVF application have this problem first in order to increase the success rate. If DNA damage is detected by TUNEL and SCSA tests, the damage rate can be reduced by asking a man to change his diet and lifestyle and by giving some drugs such as vitamin E. In this way, pregnancy can be achieved naturally.

Infertility in men it can often be treated by finding the causes of infertility and applying the right methods. However, sometimes no method is the solution to male infertility. It is recommended that men choose a healthy lifestyle and exercise regularly to increase their fertility. In this way, they can both have a healthy life and increase their fertility.