Things to be Considered about Milking!

Things to be Considered about Milking!

During the first six months after birth.physiological and psychosocial needs alone breast milk, which meets perfectly, plays an important role in establishing the bond between mother and baby.

Breastfeeding alone for the first six months, breastfeeding with additional nutrients after the sixth month continues and breastfeeding continued until the end of two yearsprovides numerous benefits to the baby.
That breast milk is a miracle,A drop of breast milk is very valuable even for your baby We are sure you know. Today we will focus on one of the mother's thousands of benefits and miracles bugün

Esi The content of breast milk changes according to the baby's condition and hours saatl

Breastfeeding isn't just about feeding the baby. It is the key to strengthening the bond between mother and baby.
It is a natural sedative for the mother and the trust for the baby…
Composition of breast milk changes throughout the day. It energizes the baby in the morning and turns into a relaxing content in the evening. A hormone that affects our sleep state Cortisol Levels morning milk three times higher.
Known as hormone that promotes sleep and digestion Melatonin in the daytime hours is almost negligible, in the evening rises to midnight peaks.
Night milk at higher levels that helps a healthy sleep Contains DNA building blocks.
Day milk for babies immune store It can be called.

In a research; milk samples of newly mothers were taken. Immune components, essential antibodies and white blood cells were found to be much higher in daytime milk than in night milk.

Thanks to this feature of breast milk, babies distinguish day and night more easily and this is called “chrono-nutrition” (Nutrition in accordance with the daily rhythm of the body).
Researchers say that the hormones and immune components contained in breast milk are delivered to infants and that babies can develop their own order in the first months of life.

How is breast milk expressed? What you need to know! You can watch our video.

How does it happen when mothers express their milk?

In the early days of human history, breast milk was given directly to the baby, and the baby was breastfed. Now, both work life and illnesses, psychology of mothers, mothers began to milk their babies.

According to a study conducted in 2005-2007, more than 85% of mothers express their milk to their babies.

So, when mothers express their milk, do they separate night milk as day milk? No.

When breast milk is expressed, only the milk storage conditions are taken into consideration and the baby is given morning milk and evening milk without notice.

At the beginning of our article, we explained that the contents of breastmilk changed according to every situation, night and day.
What happens when babies consume morning milk in the morning? Cortisol levels that support us to stay awake were high in morning milk, and the level of melatonin that encourages sleep peaks in the evening.

In this case, the answer is very simple; The baby who drinks the wrong milk will have to fight with sleep and digestive problems.

In fact, the solution is simple; When mothers express their milk, they should write the time they express their milk in the label section of the milk storage bags and coordinate the morning milk, lunch milk and evening milk according to the time they feed their babies.

Let's Remember Against Breastfeeding Conditions: “3-Day Rule”

Milked mothers often give their babies a bottle and the baby gets used to the bottle does not want to suck the mother feels difficult and breast rejection.

Feeding the breast milk to the baby in a bottle may then impair the baby's ability to absorb and adapt to the breast!

How should breast milk be given to babies?

The milk should be given to the baby by using a spoon, spoon, bottle, syringe or goblet.
I hope our article was useful. Whenever you have a question about breastfeeding, the midwife is always there when you need support!
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