Three kids, one stroller: What now?

Three kids, one stroller: What now?

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Did you know there are many stroller solutions for moms of three kids? Our third baby was born this May, and along with her came a bevy of new problems.

With three bedrooms and three kids, two kids had to start sharing a room.

With three kids still in car seats, we needed to find out which brands would allow us to put 3 car seats across the back seat.

With three children under 4 and my own two feet as my primary mode of transportation, we needed to figure out the best stroller configuration for us. We live in a city, with notoriously bumpy city sidewalks and lots of fast cars passing by.

There are several options for transporting three kids using a stroller.

Option 1: Double stroller + glider board

Several brands of double strollers also sell a board that attaches to the bottom of the stroller. It allows a third child to stand on the board and ride along. We call it the "skateboard ride" in my house.

Baby Jogger sells one that is compatible with my all time favorite stroller, the City Mini GT Double. This stroller is a side-by-side that easily fits through most standard doorways. The Glider Board retails for around $70, but it's cheaper than buying a brand new stroller. My only gripe with it is that you have to make sure there are kids or heavy items in the stroller seats before having a child hop on the glider board or the stroller will tip over.

Here it is in action:

UPPAbaby sells the Vista which has options to upgrade to accommodate two or three children. The Vista + RumbleSeat + PiggyBack allows two children to sit in the stroller and one to ride along. This is a tandem stroller that allows the children to sit in front of one another or face each other.

Here's a photo from UPPAbaby of all three in action:

There are also universal boards that can attach to most strollers.

The Englacha 2-in-1 Junior X Rider retails for around $100. This is a glider board, like the others, but it has a seat that screws into it. The seat is good for smaller children, and once they outgrew it, you can remove it and use the base as a glider board. It fits most strollers.

Option 2: Sit three kids in a double stroller

The BOB Duallie is a side by side double jogging stroller. It has a nice wide triangle in front of the two seats. For short distances a child can easily perch in that front triangle. There is no harness or seatbelt or anything, but it works in a pinch. I've personally used this solution dozens of times for quick walks to the ice cream shop and to the beach.

Here it is in action with a fourth child (not mine):

Option 3: Sit two kids in a double stroller, wear the smallest child

When a third child is still a small baby, it is easy to simply wear the baby and push the older two children in a double stroller. There are some great baby carriers on the market. I've done this for walks that are longer than 20-30 minutes without any issue.

Here it is in action:

Option 4: Buy a stroller made for three kids

I personally prefer the first three options because I don't always need a triple stroller. Triple strollers can be bulky, and some don't fit in the trunk of my car. Before committing to a triple stroller, be sure the dimensions work for you.

The Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Tandem Triple Stroller allows two children to sit in normal stroller seats, and the third child to sit right underneath the stroller handles facing the adult. It can also accommodate two infant car seats which is great if you have an older child and two twin babies. However, the wheels are fairly delicate and make the ride a little bumpy if you walk on city streets.

Here is an action photo from Joovy:

The Foundations Baby Infant Carrier Trio Sport Tandem Stroller sits three kids in front of one another. This is not useful if you have an infant as it doesn't recline fully. It is great as an indoor stroller to use in a place like a mall where you won't be walking too much, or for walking three small children to a nearby playground. Lots of daycares in our area use this type of stroller.

* 37 car seats that fit 3 across in most vehicles

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