Is the "husband stitch" seriously a real thing?

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Just a few days ago I came across the phrase "husband stitch" (also called a "daddy stitch") for the first time. My immediate reaction was, "Ha! Funny name for a vasectomy." Turns out I was way off base.

Thankfully, Chrissy Teigen is here to explain.

In a recent interview for Cosmopolitan Australia, the mother of 7-month-old Luna shared about giving birth, "You don’t think about the ripping. When you’re holding your baby, you don’t realize they’re sewing you up."

"There’s even this thing called the ‘Daddy Stitch’ – they do an extra one for daddy."

First of all, I'm going to have to disagree with Chrissy Teigen on the episiotomy or tear stitching not hurting. I do recall finally holding my son in my arms and not really caring what was going on down there, but then all of a sudden I nearly jumped off the damn bed! Felt everything.

Second of all – what in the world?! How is this not just a lame joke?

Apparently not, and most concerning of all is that with a quick web search I turned up women who were given one (or more!) without asking for it. Many of them have ended up too tight and in pain.

LittleBrownWren: Our f--king doctor stitched me so I'm tighter than I was before and, let me tell you, nobody in my relationship is enjoying it. The mere phrase "daddy stitch" makes me want to punch things.

oopswemadeababy: After birth, I had this pinching sensation down there whenever I moved the wrong way... I grabbed a mirror and took a peek, and there was totally this random stitch that looked like it was trying to pull together some sh-t that shouldn't be pulled together.

Went in, doc cut the stitch and it was soooo relieving! She didn't say anything about it, but my god it makes more sense now!

SourJellyTotsAlex: My mom told me that the doctor gave her that stitch after she gave birth. I can't remember if it was after giving birth to me or my brother, but the stitch was given without her consent and she is very upset about it to this day.

scarletdawn: My doctor also gave me the chastity belt edition of an episiotomy. I don't know if it was done by accident or if my OB did it on his own,(he has been delivering babies since before I was born so who knows what his school of thought is on the daddy stitch) but I had 6 extra stitches! I couldn't stand up straight without pain no matter how slowly I moved. I couldn't move very well at all really and when things seemed to not be improving after 4 weeks, fearing that my vagina had been permanently destroyed beyond recognition, I finally dug up the courage to grab a mirror and check things out on my own. I could clearly see the extra stitches. I went in to my doctor the next day and told him to cut the extra stitches. Having him cut and pull them out was so painful, but once it was over I felt amazing!

While I do understand there can be a need for stitches to bring torn skin back together, I'm aghast at the idea of trying to stick together anything not damaged. For goodness sake, give a vagina a hot minute to recover first! It's a pretty capable body part when left alone.

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