Ditch your bra: Ta-Ta Towel solves sweaty boobs and leakage in style

Ditch your bra: Ta-Ta Towel solves sweaty boobs and leakage in style

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I can't stand sleeping with a bra bunched up around my sides and back, but after my milk came in I had to do something to control the nighttime leakage. I assure you I looked ridiculous, but the best I could come up with was stuffing hand towels in the front of a tight t-shirt every night.

Is there really nothing out there to help with this? I wondered.

One day Erin Robertson had the same question. Though she wasn't breastfeeding, she was hot and frustrated trying to take a shower and get ready to go out.

"I could not stop sweating – not because I was about to go on a first date, but because my tiny A/C unit was broken AND it was the beginning of summer," she explained. "I tried everything: I tucked washcloths under my breasts, I tried dumping baby powder all over me, I even put a t-shirt on and tucked it under my boobs. But the washcloths looked ridiculous, the baby powder made me look more like dough, and the t-shirt was making me sweat even more.

"While I was blow-drying my hair, I just kept thinking: 'There HAS to be a better way to keep the beads of sweat from dripping down my stomach.'"

There wasn't, as far as she could tell, so she invented one! Enter the Ta-Ta Towel...

Fascinated by this invention, I reached out to Erin to hear more. Here's what she told BabyCenter...

How would one go about wearing a Ta-Ta Towel? Are they just for at home?

"Your breasts go through a lot of changes while you’re pregnant (and postpartum), and the Ta-Ta Towel grows with you – and your boobs – to give you support and relief. Since the towels are so thin, you can get away with wearing one under your shirt or maxi dress. As your growing breasts become heavy and sore, a constricting bra is the last thing you want to wear."

How does a mom use it while breastfeeding?

"It's great for everyday nursing use because it’s comfortable and easy to pop off. It’s certainly easier than wearing a nursing bra. Specifically, we’ve received some great feedback about moms using it for night nursing. The terrycloth absorbs any breastmilk that leaks out during overnight engorgement. It also doubles as a burp cloth if one is not nearby."

Does it hold in nursing pads?

The Ta-Ta Towel will hold nursing pads, but because of the fabric they’re made of, a mom might not even need them! Ta-Ta Towels absorb all moisture from leaks and prevents moisture from building up underneath the breast, which helps reduce rashes caused by moisture build up.

A look at how to Ta-Ta...

What do pregnant or breastfeeding moms say about your product?

"Getting positive feedback is the best part of this whole process of bring Ta-Ta Towels to life. I have heard a lot of incredible feedback from nursing mothers, who say that my product is revolutionary and life-changing.

"One nursing mom called it 'a boob saver,' while another wrote to me to say: 'The Ta-Ta Towel was a crucial go-to for me while I was pregnant and breastfeeding. This towel is perfect for during the day but I really loved it for night nursing and going through the awful night sweat stage. I found it easy to use, very comfortable and helpful to have.'"

Aside from discomfort, what's the risk of not keeping the girls “high and dry?"

"I know about this far too well. A very good friend of mine was getting really bad rashes under her breasts called candidiasis, which is a yeast caused by moisture buildup. My friend found relief from the Ta-Ta Towel because it would separate the skin from rubbing against itself, keeping that area dry, which in return reduced her rashes greatly."

How do you accommodate all the varying sizes of breasts?

"Ta-Ta Towel comes in three sizes, and between them we are able to cover women with C – GG cup sizes. The fabric is able to be pulled across the breast to maintain coverage and support as they change sizes throughout pregnancy and postpartum. The length of the Ta-Ta Towel can also be adjusted at the neck."

Has anything surprised you in the process of bringing Ta-Ta Towels to market?

"What has surprised me the most is how quickly the word is spreading about Ta-Ta Towels! I was so nervous the night before my Ta-Ta Towel debut at the Los Angeles Women’s Expo, I looked up the cancelation policy the night before just in case! I was ready for negative feedback and for people to call it silly or a joke, but just the opposite happened. People love it and they’re telling their friends about how much they love it. It feels so wonderful to bring a solution to women."

For Erin, her invention went from something to “keep them high, keep them dry” while she was getting ready in the morning, to “weekend bra.” Not long after that many of her girlfriends began having babies and they started to love the towel for breastfeeding.

"I even had a friend wear her Ta-Ta Towel while in labor," Erin went on to tell BabyCenter. "I am THRILLED that I was able to create something that helps so many different women out there!!"

You can buy your own Ta-Ta Towel on Amazon.

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