3 main stages of pregnancy (3)

3 main stages of pregnancy (3)

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THIRD 3 MONTHS (weeks 28-40)
You're at home now. Swollen belly tense skin will itch. A dark line from your pubic bone to your navel will begin to appear. You can go into shock when you go on the scale; The weight gain of a woman who gains healthy weight during pregnancy can reach 15 kilos. Even more strangely, your womb will expand to reach a thousand times its normal height. On top of that, you'll feel the Braxton Hicks contractions during these months, which are the body's birth rehearsals. These irregular, slight stresses of the non-uterus can begin even during walking, as does the real contraction. If you are not sure what you feel, call your doctor anyway.To-do list for the periodBirth course: You can eliminate your birth fears by learning relaxation techniques to be applied during childbirth. If possible, take baby first aid lessons at the same time.

pediatrician: You can get advice from your friends and consult the hospital where you will give birth.

Group B streptococcus: These bacteria are normally harmless, but can cause infection in the newborn. Your doctor will test around 36 weeks to see if you are one of the 10-30 percent women carrying this bacterium. If the test is positive, you will be given antibiotics during labor.Car Baby Seat: Or you'il have a hard time coming home from the hospital. Although the baby's room is not ready, at least make sure that the crib or cot is ready.Breast pump: If you are considering breastfeeding, find out how to use a breast pump.Birth bag: Since delivery can begin from week 36, keep everything you want to take to the hospital in a bag.Goal of the periodTake comfort. Your rapidly growing abdomen can cause pain and pain. Often the following complaints occur:Hemorrhoids: Sitting in a tub filled with warm water or on an ice bag can relax the swollen veins around the anus. You can consult your doctor for pomades that are good for burning and itching.Foot swelling: Liquid leaks in the blood vessels in your hands and feet cause swelling. Keep your feet as high as possible.Heartburn: Eating in small meals and avoiding lying down within 30 minutes after a meal is useful for preventing heartburn and reflux. Your doctor may also give you an anti-acid medication.Shortness of breath: As the birth approaches, your baby is inserted into your rib cage. Luckily, you can relax around 36 weeks.Life in that period bellyYour baby is preparing for life outside the uterus. Organs are formed, the central nervous system is working, his brain continues to grow. The last three months will continue to grow, taking at least two pounds and two hundred grams will take another 15 inches.

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