Scary or amazing? The baby bath video that's awed millions

Scary or amazing? The baby bath video that's awed millions

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"Peaceful" and "calm" are two of the last words I would use to describe what it was like giving my children baths when they were newborns. It was, I'm afraid to admit, the polar opposite of this lovely video I just came across.

Watch nurse Sonia Rochel, who is the creator of the Thalasso Baby Bath method and a bonafide Youtube sensation, work her magic:

In an interview, Sonia opened up about the Thalasso Baby Bath technique, which has been viewed by millions worldwide, and her basic rules for bathing an infant.

While nearly everyone I saw talking about this video was awed by what they saw, some are concerned. Check out a string of comments I saw on another blog that were kicked off by one woman's concern "someone will try this at home, and a baby will die from drowning."

"Why is there always someone that feels the need to spoil something so's incredibly sad that you cannot appreciate this wonderful moment for this precious baby."

"Idyllic and nice as this may look there are people who will try this because they've seen 'it' on the internet and assume they can just do the same. So sadly yes some babies may drown or suffer because of that."

"While it was so sweet to watch how relaxed the baby was ... and obviously loving the bath.... And noticing how careful the nurse was to avoid letting the water cover the baby's nose and mouth made me think to myself 'there should be a warning label 'do not try this at home without proper training'... I just imagine a new mom meaning well, but making a horrible mistake."

Others have also expressed concern the infant could become the victim of dry drowning.

I'll admit that while I was entranced by this baby bath video, I also felt my stomach tighten with nerves when Sonia put the baby's head under the running water, or partly submerged its face. I would love to have had her give my little ones such special treatment long ago, but can't say I'm sorry I didn't try this myself. Perhaps this is better left to the experts.

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