Large family survival tip: lock your pantry

Large family survival tip: lock your pantry

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My husband Michael and I exist in a scenario where the little people in our home are constantly compromising our food supply. In other words, they eat up all the food. Sure, I feed them plenty of healthy, nutritious grub, three times a day. I’m a pretty decent cook, too. In other words, these kids get plenty of food to eat.

I don’t even think you could spot a ribcage if you lined them all up.

But, if left to their own devices, my kids will snack and snack and snack until my poor fridge looks like a pack of raccoons assaulted it.

The family-size box of crackers get gobbled up in one day. Apples and bananas and grapes get devoured (and they leave behind the cores, peels and vines to prove it). And juice…well, let’s just say some of my kids need to attend Juice-A-Holics Anonymous. It is so frustrating. And such a waste.

The simple fact is, when you have a lot of children, you have to buy a lot of food. We just wanted to find a way to make sure our groceries lasted a little bit longer in between shopping trips and save what little money we could.

So, one day we just put a padlock on the fridge and pantry.

My husband was the first one to suggest it. I resisted the idea for a while, thinking it was slightly mean and juvenile hall-like. I grew up in a home where my mom never had to restrict the refrigerator, but then again I only had one sister and brother growing up. I had a best friend who lived with her four sisters and they constantly fought over bags of Doritos, and who drank that can of diet Coke, etc. To remedy the situation, they began to put their names on everything and locked it up. I remember thinking that was strange and slightly uncivilized.

Now here I am, having to lock up the string cheese and dried cranberries.

Surprisingly, it has worked out well. I shop less. I yell less. I don't have to stand by the fridge like a sentry, protecting its contents. And we’ve all discovered how much we open the refrigerator door in boredom.

So, if you ever stop by for a visit and you notice the locks, please don't assume we're cruel and inhumane for locking up all of the food. It's just a survival tactic for a large family.

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