Diaper tins out. Wet bags in.

Diaper tins out. Wet bags in.

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For those of you who keep tabs on what we put on our daughter's bum, we've gone the cloth diaper route. There's a big write-up about that entire experience here. But now we're back with a diaper & wipe disposal update.

A while back (right here) we shared that we were using two metal tins (one to store disposable wipes and one to store cloth diapers between washings), but we recently upgraded to some of the most highly recommended zippered wet bags that we've heard of: Planet Wise Wet Bags in the "lime coco bean" print (we ordered ours from They have functional waterproof liners and locking zippers, so they're supposed to be second to none.

We've been using them for the past five weeks or so. The verdict? We love them. We got a small one and a large one (although we might order a medium sized one to use in the place of the small one, which we'll then use for changes on the road). The big one is perfect for a few days worth of cloth diapers and the small one holds our disposable wipes (we like to keep them separate since one bag is emptied into the trash and one bag is emptied into the wash).

We already had those hooks on the side of the dresser to hold our tins, so sliding the wet bags onto each one (after adding a loop of ribbon threaded through the zipper) was a snap. And thanks to sliding the loop of ribbon through the zipper, we can now open and shut the bags with one hand (so the other hand can stay on the baby) since you can just pull the bag to unzip it. Very convenient indeed.

Why the change? We heard that wet bags were great for containing smells (so far, so good) plus they can get tossed right in the wash with our cloth diapers. So unlike our tins, they're cleaned regularly for zero effort (we never found time to rinse out the tins, but laundering the wet bags with a load of diapers every few days is no sweat). So that's the functional little diaper disposal update going on in our neck of the woods. What do you guys do with your used diapers and wipes? Any Diaper Genie lovers out there? Anyone else going with wet bags?

Psst- We weren't paid or perk'd to mention these Planet Wise Diaper Bags, we just bought them and loved them enough to sing their praises.

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