Smarter babies with Kindyroo

Smarter babies with Kindyroo

For more than 30 years in Australia Kindyroo applied now in Turkey! Those who are curious about Kindyroo, which means more than 'gym' or 'playgrounds' for babies and children Kindyroo Instructor Aynur İbrişim 'from.

: What is at the root of children's spiritual, physical and social development?
Contact Aynur directly The ability of a person to be mentally, physically and socially healthy throughout his life is closely related to the healthy development of the brain. This development in the human brain begins in the womb and is largely completed in the first 5 years after birth. This development does not occur at the same time and in every child, but through regular and conscious motor exercises, children are taught to use their potential fully and accurately. These exercises are transferred to children through specially prepared games. In addition, the child-mother-father relationship is reinforced by this type of sharing and communication.

: How does Kindyroo help at this point?
Contact Aynur directly Kindyroo International Early Learning Counseling aims to help children develop their natural aspirations while exploring their own worlds in the age of development. Thanks to specially prepared programs, structured group activities accompanied by unique music help to gain self-confidence and increase their concentration with the use of massage and stimulating equipment.

: "Kindyroo is a playgroup or baby gymnastics."
Contact Aynur directly Kindyroo; it is not a kindergarten, a nursery or a gym. Kindyroo centers are healthy environments for healthy babies and children to join with their parents. Small groups, which are formed according to the age, receive practical services once a week for 1 hour. Programs designed to increase the capacity required in the future education and training period are implemented by specialized trainers with special equipment designed to improve integration.
Kindyroo believes that every child has a great learning capacity and aims to increase the capacity of children and to prevent future educational and learning problems. These are generally problems such as reading - writing difficulties, hyperactivity, balance and coordination difficulties, attention and concentration disorders, disabilities in physical development and social communication disorders.
Kindyroo programs inform parents in order to make the best use of the existing potential and ensure that the children are brought to the society in the best way and keep their family relations at the highest level.

: How does it contribute to brain development?
Contact Aynur directly In early childhood, a warm touch, a game played with the mother or father, a fairy tale, a sweet music, a rhythm, dance and baby massage, such as activities that occur with electrical and chemical signals to reach the brain. It develops by forming connection networks between nerve cells in the brain. As the senses and motor abilities work together, the pathways in the brain are formed, and the child receives programmed and appropriate warnings, which improves the brain and increases the child's intelligence and learning capacity.

: Is Kindyroo applied abroad?
Contact Aynur directly Kindyroo is a special program of Toddler Kindy Gymbaroo Pty., Which was born in Australia and spread to the world rapidly and operates in more than 90 centers. Early childhood education between 0-5 years of age provides physical, mental and social healthy individuals as well as brain development. Although the society has this awareness and there is a great need for this education, there has not been a sufficient program and method to meet this need and eliminate the uncertainty in practice. But; Emerging from rapidly spreading to the world and 90 in Australia 's operating successfully over the center Toddler Kindy Gymbaroo owned International Neuro-Education program, we are taking the right name Mobe Education Counseling as moved to Turkey.

: Who can participate in this program?
Contact Aynur directly Children from 6 weeks to 5 years of age enjoy these joyful moments in Kindyroo once a week for 1 hour of fun. Kindyroo programs teach children how to use their physical and brain development potentials fully and accurately with their nearly thirty years of experience, regular and conscious motor exercises. In addition, child-mother relations and group activities in a pleasant environment provide social sharing and communication.

: How long does the program last?
Contact Aynur directly Participant babies and their mothers are divided according to age groups. Training for each age group lasts one hour a week and lasts for 12 weeks.