Pregnancy shopping checklist: First trimester

Pregnancy shopping checklist: First trimester

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Congratulations – you're having a baby! Our handy first-trimester shopping checklist will help you figure out what to buy during these early months of pregnancy, when you'll have a lot on your mind and some physical changes to deal with.

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  • First trimester basics

    What you're dealing with now

    It's a lot of work growing a baby. If you're like many expecting moms, you've been battling early-pregnancy symptoms like fatigue, nausea, bloating, mood swings, and sore breasts.

    It's normal to be dealing with physical and emotional changes: Your bras and pants may be getting snug, you might notice your gums are tender and inflamed, and your skin may be itchy or more prone to irritation. You may be having trouble sleeping (and when you are sleeping, having unusually vivid dreams). You may feel excited or anxious.

    Our checklist takes the guesswork out of which essential items you need to thrive. Make pregnancy a little easier with these products, which are ideal for your first trimester.

  • Compendium "Expecting You" Keepsake Pregnancy Journal

    Track your incredible journey

    How are you feeling? What are you thinking? Jot down your emotions, thoughts, or questions in a pregnancy journal. It can help you feel connected to the little person growing inside you and will be a one-of-a-kind keepsake after your baby is born. Journaling can also improve your emotional well-being. This pregnancy journal helps track key milestones – like how far you are into your pregnancy and what size your baby is – so you can look back and remember everything.

    Available at Bed Bath & Beyond starting at $14.99

  • M Like Mama Bamboo Belly Band

    Keep wearing your pre-pregnancy pants comfortably

    Even if you're not noticing a baby bump quite yet, your pants may be feeling too tight. Yoga pants and leggings are your friends, or try a belly band or waistband extenders to make your jeans and other pants more comfortable. This set from M Like Mama includes three waistband extenders and a belly band made of a soft bamboo fabric blend. For this first trimester, keeping comfy is your new mission, and it's more important than you may think: Some women report that a looser waistband helps lessen morning sickness.

    Available at Amazon starting at $19.99

  • PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow

    Body support that helps you sleep better

    Some pregnant women say their number-one favorite purchase is their body pillow. Even this early into your pregnancy, a body pillow may help you get more comfy and have a better night's sleep. This classic C-shaped pillow offers support for your back and growing belly during your entire pregnancy, and you can use it for lounging after you've given birth, too.

    Available at Amazon starting at $39.95

  • Oral-B Pro 6000 Smart Series Electric Toothbrush

    Tender care for your sensitive gums

    Thanks to hormonal changes, about half of pregnant women experience pregnancy gingivitis – red, swollen, tender gums. Whether you have these symptoms or not, it's important to take extra-good care of your teeth during pregnancy – and Oral-B's electric toothbrush makes this easier. It removes more plaque along the gum line than a manual toothbrush, and an indicator tells you when you're brushing too hard. It also works with an app on your phone to remind you to brush for the optimal amount of time, and it notes areas on your teeth you might have missed.

    Available at Amazon starting at $99.93

  • Bravado Women's Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

    Soft and wire-free

    Your breasts are probably feeling more tender now. And while you may not be ready for a maternity bra, a sports bra or comfortable cotton bra without underwire will give you gentle support and ease discomfort. Even better, buy a quality nursing bra that’ll gently support you during your pregnancy, then make breastfeeding easy after you have your baby. The Bravado Body Silk bra comes in beautiful colors that'll make you feel cute, without any uncomfortable wires or hooks.

    Available at Amazon starting at $34.95

  • Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Butter

    Instantly banish itchy skin

    Your skin may feel dry and itchy, and this will intensify as your breasts and belly grow and your skin stretches. Find a good all-over moisturizer that you can slather on now and throughout your pregnancy. With organic oils in a shea butter base, Mama Mio The Tummy Rub Butter is the soothing solution you've been looking for.

    Available at Amazon starting at $28

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