Your 25-month-old: Brain boosters

Your 25-month-old: Brain boosters

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Your 2-year-old now

Your preschooler's brain is a beehive of activity as it forms countless new neural connections that help him understand the whats, whys, and hows of the world. To encourage an eager learner:

  • Introduce him to a wide variety of playthings: big toys to push or ride, wind-up toys or jack-in-the-boxes (which show cause and effect), play sets and blocks that can be handled and stacked, puzzles, dress-up clothes, puppets, and art supplies. Rotate them to keep them fresh, storing some and bringing others out each week.
  • Don't stop him from exploring things around the house.
  • Stimulate all his senses. Include tactile toys (such as clay and sand) and musical toys (like a xylophone or maracas).
  • Expose him to new places and experiences: a pool, a zoo, the airport.
  • Always keep books around. Visit your local library often to restock.

Your life now

Sooner or later, you'll face the dreaded public temper tantrum. Sometimes a tantrum is sparked because you and your child both feel added pressure in a social setting (you feel more judged; he feels more overstimulated). Public tantrums can quickly spiral out of control as your child senses your uncertainty and thrives on the attention he attracts.

If ignoring the tantrum for a few minutes doesn't work, or if it's too disruptive to wait it out, calmly remove your child from the scene. It can feel like all eyes are upon you, and they may be – but it's more likely that people are sending you I've-been-there empathy, not thinking you're a bad mom. Once your child regains his self-control, you can return to the situation as if nothing happened. Don't make a big deal about it. It'll be another parent's turn the next day.

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