Is my 2-year-old's development lopsided if he's very physical but not much of a talker?

Is my 2-year-old's development lopsided if he's very physical but not much of a talker?

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Children develop at different rates and in different ways, and some children are just naturally more physical than others. Until they reach 18 to 24 months, it is not uncommon for children to show more interest in their gross motor skills — climbing, running, riding a tricycle — than in other areas of development, like language. But don't worry — your child's focus on these skills won't cause a delay in other areas. However, as your child matures from age 2 to 3, you should see dramatic changes in his speech and language skills.

If your child is generally quiet most of the time (but capable of putting together two- or three-word phrases, such as "Me big boy!"), it may very well be a function of his personality. Focus more on the way in which your child communicates instead of how often. Is he processing your questions and giving a reasonable answer, or does he seem to ignore you or just echo your question? If your child is 24 months old and you ask, "Timmy, where is your truck?" he should be able to say, "Dair!" for "There." At 30 to 36 months, he should be responding with a phrase, such as "I put it in da box." It's okay if he doesn't initiate a lot of conversation at this point, but his interaction with you should be responsive. (If this isn't the case, talk to your child's pediatrician.)

Be sure to work on language skills with your child by using his favorite activities. If he seems more interested in playing than in naming and pointing to pictures in a book, head outside. Take a hike together and point out objects like birds and trees. If he's partial to playgrounds, encourage him to talk about what he's doing. Say "Up the slide!" as he ascends the ladder and "Down the slide!" as he glides down. Prompt him to say it, too.

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