Mother's 9 months of life (5th month)

Mother's 9 months of life (5th month)

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You will feel better in the middle of your pregnancy. You will be even more beautiful due to the positive changes in your hair and skin.
it will excite you as you begin to feel their movements.What's going on:
• Darkening of your skin may increase further. This will disappear after birth.
• Breast called a colostrum (first milk) can come from a thick secretion. During pregnancy you only need to wipe this milk. You should not force the nipples to squeeze more milk.
• You will begin to feel the baby movements. At first you can mix them with bowel movements.
• A white discharge may come from the vagina.
• Pain may be felt in the lower abdomen due to stretching of the ligaments holding the uterus in place.
• Nasal obstruction, nose and gum bleeding.
• Constipation and stomach complaints may continue.
• Joint and joint ligaments are loosened, such as back pain, groin tension may be complaints.
• The nipples become darker and the nipple growth can reach striking dimensions in the 5th month.
• Emotionally accepted the fact of pregnancy. Emotional tides decrease.

What to do:
• You should pay particular attention to healthy eating nowadays because you are entering the period in which your baby grows faster and you gain the most weight.
• You should take care of yourself, do regular gymnastics and protect your waist. You should avoid high-heeled shoes.

N What awaits you while you wait for your baby ” from the book.

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