Sleep and intelligence development in children

Sleep and intelligence development in children

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Quality sleep is among the factors that affect child development between 0-3 years. The ability to sleep well, especially at night, provides children with significant advantages in terms of both mental and physical growth. İstanbul Parenting Class Psychologist (Family and Child Development) Sinem Olcay Kademoğlu; örnekle In the sleep period known as REM sleep, brain connections are activated which reinforce the knowledge and skills children learn during the day. On the other hand, it is known that the growth hormone that determines physical growth in children is mostly secreted during sleep. Children who are secreted by growth hormone deficiencies are inadequate for the development of many organs, muscles and bones because they do not sleep adequately. ”

How long should your child sleep?

In the first year of life, a baby needs to sleep 13-14 hours per day, 10-12 hours a night. (Some babies may be watching slightly above or below this average). In the second year of life, the total need for sleep does not fall below 11-12 hours on average, even at the age of 4-5, even if it decreases by 1 hour.

If your child is not sleeping adequately, significant problems with mental development and physical growth may arise. In addition to growth hormone as a result of insufficient sleep, there may be problems with hormones that determine other bodily activities. For example, due to hunger and the problem with the hormones that determine appetite, your child may be eating more than it should and tending to high-calorie useless foods. Lack of sleep may also result in a decrease in motor skills and attention capacity during the day, resulting in more behavioral problems and learning retardation.

Most children need more sleep than their parents would expect. Indications that your child is lacking sleep can be restlessness and moodiness during the day, things like falling asleep in the car all the time. If your child is very active ahead of time or shows signs of fatigue long before sleep, there is a problem with your sleep patterns.

We can give children good sleeping habits. In this way, we ensure that they sleep well and grow healthy. Sinem Olcay says: “We helped hundreds of babies to establish good sleeping habits in the studies we conducted with parents in Istanbul Parenting Class and observed the great benefits of good sleep in child development. From this experience, I sincerely recommend that you receive expert support to learn how to make your child gain the right sleep habits. ”

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