Make room collection time fun

Make room collection time fun

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Nowadays, many parents complain about whether their children have distributed their rooms. In fact, angry children about this issue, children can not understand the habit of collecting rooms can not win. However, since children are constantly developing mentally and psychologically, it is necessary to understand that they cannot comprehend the necessity and importance of the habit of collecting rooms.
Stating that it is necessary to invite the child to collect a room in the first place and then transfer this responsibility to the child completely. Emsey Hospital Psychiatrist Specialist Exp. Dr. Orhan Karaca, It means that collecting rooms can be made fun with the game. Roeshares their views on the issue and informs parents.

Collecting rooms can be transformed from a difficult and boring task to a delightful game. For this, toy hunter game, toys grouping game, games such as competition can be played. Since the child participates in these games, it will motivate him to indicate satisfaction and stick a smiling baby sticker on a calendar. By comparing the photos taken when the room is messy and organized, asking which one is more beautiful and which friend would like to invite to the room in which photo, showing the movement space in the messy room is limited and showing the possibility to play more regularly in the room teaches the child the necessity of room collection.

The child may also be asked to find some of his toys while the room is scattered. If not, the importance of room recovery can be emphasized. Apart from that, it can be said that his feet may fall stuck while walking in the messy room. Giving the child an option for collecting toys, setting up a clock in such a way as to indicate the time, and having him collect his room when the clock rings will prevent the child from being forced.

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